We’re extending our database and telling people about our pain relief possum fur products such as the acclaimed Painaway Possum Fur Pain Relief Belt for those who suffer from lower back pain whether occasionally or continuously.We will soon also be launching proven possum fur products that also help with arthritis pain relief around various parts of body – knees, wrists, arms, etc.

From time to time we hold a prize draw. To be entered in the draw all you have to do is answer 3 simple questions. We even give you 3 answers to choose from. It’s called Multiple Choice! Answer the 3 questions correctly and you will receive free entry into the draw. You do not have to enter every time there is a new prize draw. Your name will be carried forward automatically. Draws will normally be held twice a year with entries closing on the 30th June and the 30th December.

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CLOSING DATE for the current draw is JUNE 30, 2019


Here are the 3 questions and 3 answers to choose from. Please place what you believe to be the correct answer in the spaces below

1. What is the capital city of the USA?
a. New York b. San Francisco c. Washington DC

2. What country do kiwis come from?
a. Japan b. New Zealand c. Australia

3. Which famous rugby player was called ‘Pinetree’?
a. Colin Meads b. Grant Fox c. Jonah Lomu


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Have you ever suffered lower back pain?


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